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10 min read

Challenger Selling Revisited

This article was originally published in 2011 and has been substantially updated.

The Challenger Sale by Matthew Dixon...

7 min read

2021 Sales Outlook - Focus on the Customer Experience

Every new year there are myriad articles published by analysts, pundits, and pseudo-experts looking back on the prior...

1 min read

Customer Storyboarding & Remote Meeting Mastery- video

This 2.5-minute video explains how you can transform your team's virtual selling results, boost win-rate, and build...

7 min read

How to plan a Successful Virtual Sales Kickoff

It’s Virtual Sales Kickoff Planning Season

I attended my first in-person sales kickoff in Sydney with Prime Computer in...

6 min read

How to Enable Speed to Customer and Accelerate Revenue?

Speed-to-customer for new B2B product announcements or new capabilities for existing products is a thorny problem in...

11 min read

How to Overcome Post-merger Go-to-Market- Challenges

Mergers and acquisitions hold promise for owners and investors of combinatorial synergies to reduce costs, increase...

8 min read

How to Quickly Build Trust in Remote Meetings

This article will be of interest to salespeople, sales managers, sales enablement pro's, SE's and anyone interested in...

3 min read

Do You Want to Build Better Sales Playbooks? - Beta Invitation

Building Sales Playbooks? Join Enableocity's Playbook Factory Partner Beta Program

Enableocity Playbook Factory will...

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9- Remote Selling Best-Practices

Remote Selling is the new Normal

This article will be of interest to salespeople conducting remote calls, sales...

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SCRUBIT is a new lead qualification and scoring tool embedded with Salesforce.com to help SDR/BDR's to better qualify...