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Remote Selling Mastery

Now more than ever before the ability to engage buyers remotely is a critical skill that demands nothing less than mastery.

Enableocity’s Remote Selling Mastery course helps companies to differentiate in how they sell. Salespeople step out from behind Powerpoint, switch on their video camera and engage buyers in dialogue that builds rapport and trust and where mutual discovery can take place which is critical in every meeting.

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Sales Playbooks

Playbooks are the single version of the truth that companies and salespeople need to elevate dialogue and deliver a consistent message.
Enableocity has pioneered a playbook design format and process that ensures playbooks and playbook content are actually used by salespeople over any device, rather than locked away in drawers or worse.

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Lead Qualification

The SCRUBIT lead qualification model is a “pre-MEDDIC” qualification model that can accurately predict opportunity success with a greater than 80% success rate.

Enableocity’s Technical Qualification Scorecard, likewise, is easy to use, simple to instrument within SFDC, and helpful in situations where SE/SC resources are frequently wasted on ill-conceived POCs

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Enableocity will custom-design a 3 or 5-day New Hire Bootcamp that can be run monthly, quarterly, or on some other schedule.  Each program includes some combination of teambuilding, company update, selling skills, solution knowledge, immersive roleplaying and team competition.




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The Enableocity approach to QBR's relieves sales managers and marketers from the pressure to “pull something together for the QBR'' on a last-minute basis. QBR 's become learning experiences interwoven with team building, workshops, role-playing, gamification, and skills development.

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Enableocity SKO

The Enableocity SKO is built on a proven, 3-day agenda framework that will thoroughly engage and energize direct sales and channel partners of all roles. The agenda blends product learning, skills development, team building, gamification, and other fun elements together in an approach that entertains as much as it educates.


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Setting up your Home Studio

Selling remotely is a fact of life and as sales professionals, we must take the time to learn the techniques, master remote selling skills and create an environment in our home offices that is conducive to conducting video meetings with prospects and customers.

This informative 5-minute video is packed with useful information on what is needed to prepare your office to make great sales calls from home.

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SCRUBIT Workflow and Scoring Tool for SDR's

SCRUBIT is a workflow and scoring tool for SDR's that is embedded in to help SDR’s to ramp faster, better qualify leads and increase opportunity win-rate.