Virtual Selling Visual Engagement Best Practices - Webinar


Selling has changed - permanently.

Mastering the visual dimension of remote meeting technology using whiteboards, storytelling, and a collaborative process is the most effective way of engaging and communicating with remote buyers across a buy-sell cycle. 
* Remote selling - the new normal
* Choosing physical or digital whiteboards
* Pros and cons of physical vs. digital
* Digital whiteboard technology and apps
* Creating animated whiteboard stories automatically
* TruScribe customer stories
* Enableocity customer stories
Join us for 30-minutes in our joint Webinar with TruScribe and get access to lessons-learned, remote whiteboard tips, breakthrough remote qualification storyboarding techniques, demonstrations, reviews of digital whiteboard apps, and visual animation technology.
Who should attend: B-2-B sellers, SE's, solution architects, sales leaders, enablement professionals.