Talent Enablement

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Immersive storytelling, storyboarding, and role-playing for subject mastery, gamify and reinforce the learning process and certify sellers for situational fluency.

Enableocity’s Talent Enablement services focus on elevating skill levels through storytelling using the visual dimension, immersive role-playing, and rapid iteration to accelerate learning and make it stick.

  • Capture visual stories in best-practices frameworks and role-play in-classroom or remotely using visual confections, animations, and conventional media for rapid subject mastery.
  • Learn to master the art of remote selling using conventional whiteboards or digital whiteboard apps to engage buyers remotely, build trust, and advance through the buy-sell cycle in alignment.
  • Enable your teams for effective selling from home, by setting up their own low-cost video studio.
  • Gamify Playbook adoption using periodic quizzes, leaderboards, and role-playing to create confidence and certify competence.
  • Onboard and ramp new hires fast using Sales Onboarding Frameworks and New Hire Bootcamp to quickly build situational fluency and certify salespeople are ready to succeed.
Talent Enablement Products and Services