Who Should Take Selling in the Internet Age Courses

CEO (start-up)- If you are leading a start-up, you are the sales-person and will continue to lead the sales effort until your business is big enough to support a professional sales team. This course will equip you with the skills and technique to win the early sales and to preserve your most valuable resources…your time and your cash.  Strong-qualification and buyer-seller alignment are critical in early stage companies. By learning to communicate your value more effectively with your early clients, qualify strongly and control the sale, you will win more often and lose less-often.

Sales VP’s, directors, managers- Leaders must go first. If you want to change your team’s performance, then you must lead through example and coach individuals to raise the standards of everyone on your team. This program contains more than two hundred ideas and techniques for improving sales performance and is a must for sales managers and leaders.

Sales Professional- Selling is a great profession when it’s going well….it’s hell when you’re struggling and under management pressure. This course will equip you with the tools, technique and skills to produce the results you desire. Regardless of your experience level, there is a wealth of theory and relevant experience contained in this curriculum, exercises to convert it into knowledge you can use and tools for immediate use to convert the learning into action.

Customer-facing Marketing Professionals- When marketing professionals are in front of clients, they need more than slick-presentations and good presentation style. Developing rapport, managing groups, presenting so that everyone understands you, managing questions and overcoming objections are the same skills top sales people need to master. The art of asking insightful questions and creating buyer vision require more than a Powerpoint presentation. This course will make you a far more effective member of the sales and marketing team.

Customer-Facing Support Professionals- Support professionals are in front of clients as much, if not more than sales-people. Arguably they are in a better prosition to influence the outcome of future business as they are potentially less threatening to buyers than sales-people and they have more exposure to users and key evaluators. This course will enable support professionals to use the same techniques that top sales performers use to effectively engage buyers and customers; to more effectively communicate, answer questions to defuse objections and positively influence the outcome of puchasing decisions.

Telesales Professionals- If you’re happy in Telesales and just want to get better results, then this is a great course you you. If you want to make a step-up in your career, but feel you need more skills and technique to make the transition to professional consultative selling, this course will provide the face-face selling tools, the technique and personal-power to make the transition.

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