SCRUBIT Lead Qualification & Scoring


There’s no agreed upon set of criteria that define a qualified sales opportunity.

What if...

Everyone agreed on the markers for a qualified and unqualified opportunity, both business and technical?


Lead qualification at the expense of technical qualification, leads to wasted technical resources on prospects who cannot buy.

What if...

In-depth technical qualification scorecards were in place for ALL products, solutions, and use case?


Qualification models might exist but they aren’t properly instrument in the CRM system, leading to inconsistent application.

What if...

All qualification scorecards were instrumented in CRM, making them visible and easy to apply for every opportunity?

Qualify and score leads

SCRUBIT Overview - Google Slides

Enableocity has pioneered a new kind of qualification scorecard for both business and technical qualification.

The SCRUBIT lead qualification model is a “pre-MEDDIC” qualification model that can accurately predict opportunity success with a greater than 80% success rate.

Enableocity’s Technical Qualification Scorecard, likewise, is easy to use, simple to instrument within SFDC, and helpful in situations where SE/SC resources are frequently wasted on ill-conceived POCs.


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