Sales On-boarding Framework


Sales Onboarding is often a rushed and haphazard affair without a framework and process.

What if...

Sellers are greeted on Day 1 with a clear plan, relevant steps, and polite reminders when they go off track?


Onboarding is too manual and labor-intensive to scale up (or down if you only have 1 or 2 new sellers to onboard).

What if...

All communications, training and guidance for new sellers are covered by the service. You just relax and review results and progress?


There’s no follow-up or guidance following Onboarding to ensure new sellers are successful in their critical first 90 days.

What if...

Each new seller is tracked and measured to achieve 9 key competencies in the first 90 days following Onboarding?

Rapid Sales Ramp

Enableocity’s Sales Onboarding Framework ramps sales new-hires fast and keeps them motivated and fully engaged, which reduces attrition and achieves ramp-up objectives in a fraction of the time.

There are multiple, configurable components to the customized service offering:

  1. Self-paced E-Learning.  Enableocity’s New Hire Learning Path is customized for each client and built from the ground up using existing content plus targeted SME input.   Usually comprised of 10-12 thirty-minute modules, the New Hire Learning Path includes all the process, messaging, GTM, market, and organizational content required for new sellers.  The package can be deployed on your LMS of choice or Enableocity can provide one at no additional charge.
  2. New Hire Bootcamp.  Enableocity’s New Hire Bootcamp can be run monthly, quarterly, or on a custom schedule based on each client’s unique pace of hiring.
  3. Verifiable Outcomes.  Enableocity’s onboarding framework for Account Executives, SDRs, and Sales Engineers is called 9-in-90 OnboardingTM.  We have identified 9 key activities and behaviors that 90% of successful sellers achieve in the first 90 days.  Those who don’t, usually end up leaving.
  4. Sales Certification.  Optionally, clients can decide that all newly hired Account Executives, SDRs, and Sales Engineers can be formally certified in a variety of disciplines: presentation delivery, objection handling, win story leverage, competitive knowledge, etc.  Enableocity’s rigorous Sales Certification program can be tailored to any GTM objectives.
Talent Enablement Products and Services


Continuous Learning

Even the most well-staffed Enablement teams sometimes struggle to ensure ongoing training is kept fresh, current, and relevant.

Enableocity’s Academy-as-a-Service offering ensures your sellers are always in the know on the latest developments and techniques.

Optional eLearning Module Design can be part of an as-needed refresh of online content available to sellers as part of the Academy-as-a-Service offering.