A Guide to Creating an Aligned Sales and Marketing Messaging Architecture [e-Book]

The average company has anywhere from 5 to 50 different versions of the same document trapped in a sales portal and not easily accessible to potential users.sma-ebook_cover

  • Most messaging is out of date.
  • It's inconsistently used and violates corporate brand guidelines.
  • It's product-centric, i.e. not easily adapted in a buyer-relevant context.
  • It's trapped in documents or presentations and not easily shared.

A Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment process creates structured re-usable content components that are buyer-relevant, well formed, appropriate for inclusion in a variety of the information products; clear, concise and consistent. 

In this eBook we explain and illustrate:

  • How to create and structure component based value messaging aligned with buyer needs.
  • How to adapt content components to create website content, brand messaging, sales-ready messaging and customer-service conversations.
  • How WittyParrot is used to delivers the right content at the right time to create competitive advantage.

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Messaging Alignment