Sales Certification


Salespeople are expected to have the skills and know what is required for success when hired, but this is seldom true.

What if...

Sellers were forward tensioned to achieve certification to ensure uniform competency levels?


Salespeople once hired take too long to achieve ramp and create management challenges and morale problems.

What if...

Managers could quickly identify sellers who are struggling with the certification workload for coaching or managed exit?


New products are introduced and seldom achieve sell-through targets, because sellers won’t or can’t position them.

What if...

Following new product introductions, all sellers could be certified to sell with competence and confidence?

Certified Competent Salespeople

Enableocity’s Sales Certification Programs are part of the Academy-as-a-Service offering and can also be conducted as custom programs.

Certification programs are run quarterly to ensure sellers achieve baseline standards of knowledge ownership, situational fluency, sales process competency, and other key sales behaviors as defined by management. 

Enableocity will run the certification sessions either in person or remotely with input and participation from sales management. Examples of customized certification programs include
  • Presentation Certification,
  • Demo Certification,
  • 1st Call Qualification Certification,
  • SFDC Certification, 
  • Objection Handling,
  • Competitive Knowledge,
  • Win Story Fluency.

Sales Certification is a logical follow-on to Onboarding or Field Sales Training


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