Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment - a Key to Sales Performance

Marketing Messaging Clarity - a single version of the truth

Sales and Marketing Alignment starts by creating a common language for sales and marketing in a Messaging Architecture built on a fudamental understanding of buyers and how the companies products/services are used to create value and resolve the causes of buyers problems..
messaging creation
Aligning marketing messaging with sales conversations is the first step on the Inbound Marketing journey and enables global participation in the blogosphere and social media for small and large corporations.
The outputs of the Sales and Marketing Alignment process which drive inbound marketing and sales conversations are;-
  • Target Buyer Persona to enable sales and marketing to engage prospective buyers around a clear understanding of their goals, needs and issues,
  • Value Propositions aligned around the persona and needs of buyers, coupled with an Inbound Marketing engine drive increased lead generation in a similar way that a supercharger drives a compressed mixture of gasoline and oxygen to increase the power of an internal combustion engine. 
  • A Customer Messaging Architecture which captures and positions core value-creation capabilities (competitive DNA) for everyone to use,
  • Storytelling - A sales-ready narrative; a story and powerful imagery woven around the buyer and how using your products helps address their sub-optimal condition.
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