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Webinar: Your PowerPoint Sales Presentations Suck - & how to fix them

By Mark Gibson on Dec 20, 2012 6:17:00 PM

Let's face it - most PowerPoint Sales Presentations suck, particularly if you are on the receiving end of them.

As an industry, we have inherited a set of bad presentation practices from prior generations on 35mm slides and treasure them like an old Christmas sweater, preserved forever in PowerPoint. Unwilling to throw the old sweater out, it's style affects the thinking and presentations of millions of marketing and salespeople, who would almost invariably be better off not presenting at all, and having conversations supported by the odd visual aid or whiteboard.

In September this year, I published a blog article entitled,  Your PowerPoint Sales Presentations Suck (And How to Fix Them) and posed a number of questions that received a strong response and a lot of readership in arguing for the need for change in presentation style and technique. 

I was recently invited by Tim Blum of The Sales Association to present a paper on the the subject and am pleased to invite you to view it as it was presented today in a Webinar to The Sales Association.

                      Webinar Agenda

The Webinar runs for 30 minutes and explores basic visual perception and why images are more pursuasive than bullets. It includes an introduction to basic storytelling and an example of visual of storytelling. I hope you enjoy it.

Here is the link to the Webinar Your PowerPoint Sales Presentations Suck

Webinar - Do Your PowerPoint Sales Presentations Suck?
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