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Hubspot Partners Team up to Accelerate B2B Sales Lead Generation

By Mark Gibson on Jun 20, 2012 6:37:00 AM

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 19, 2012) - Advanced Marketing Concepts (Admarco LLC) today announced that it has entered into a Strategic Alliance with  Kuno Creative. This Alliance enables Admarco to offer its clients a full suite of website design and inbound marketing services in addition to its marketing messaging and marketing strategy services. The Alliance also enables Kuno Creative to offer  marketing messaging alignment services to its inbound marketing clients.

Lead Generation with Kuno Creative and Advanced Marketing Concepts 

Admarco will provide inbound marketing strategy and messaging services to B2B technology clients. Kuno Creative will provide website design, development and inbound marketing services including, content creation (blogs, white papers, e-books, videos and webinars), social media setup, engagement and monitoring, lead generation and advanced marketing analytics using the HubSpot inbound marketing framework.

"Inbound leads are the life-blood of early stage and maturing technology companies. Executives need to understand that there is a lot more to generating inbound leads than putting up a Facebook page, opening a Twitter account and buying a mailing list," said Mark Gibson, CEO of Advanced Marketing Concepts.

"Content creation is key to lead generation and the new SEO. B2B technology companies should consider outsourcing the lead generation function to inbound marketing agencies that have the content creation talent and experience in the needed skill areas to quickly ramp and sustain an inbound marketing effort. Funding for this should be included in the business plan."

In a further development, Admarco announced that it has entered into a services agreement for the ongoing provision of inbound marketing services with Kuno Creative, which includes the recent redesign of its own website,  www.admarco.net.

"We have been working with HubSpot for more than 3 years to drive our own inbound marketing and it has been highly effective," said Admarco CEO Mark Gibson. "However with increasing demand for our consulting services, we need to supplement our skills and bring in a partner with more available resources." Our B2B technology industry clients will benefit from a wider range of expertise and services now available from our Strategic Alliance.

"We are excited about working with Mark and his team to deliver high-value inbound marketing services as a logical next step beyond marketing strategy and messaging," said John McTigue, Executive Vice President of Kuno Creative. "By sharing our knowledge and experience, we have a more powerful combination of skills to offer to the B2B market place. By working together, we can quickly transform a company's marketing efforts into a sustainable and growing, lead generation engine."

About Kuno Creative
Kuno Creative is an inbound marketing agency and Certified HubSpot Partner. Kuno's marketing model revolves around creating relevant, helpful content with appealing, professional designs. Experts in search engine optimization, social media marketing, mobile marketing, email marketing and online advertising, Kuno distributes content in a wide variety of relevant channels to find and convert qualified leads.

About Advanced Marketing Concepts
Advanced Marketing Concepts (Admarco) helps B2B companies overcome two of their biggest challenges, lead generation and differentiating value. We are experts in aligning sales and marketing messaging to help companies' position and differentiate their offerings. We use the output of the messaging process on the Website and in inbound marketing programs to attract visitors. We also use the messaging to create  Whiteboard stories to help salespeople engage buyers and challenge the status quo. Admarco is a Certified HubSpot Partner and a certified WhiteboardSelling Affiliate.

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Silicon Valley Move for Inbound Marketing Specialist - AMC

By Mark Gibson on Jun 30, 2010 9:34:00 AM

Specialist consulting firm Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd. (AMC) will be relocating its base of operation to the San Francisco Bay Area in Summer 2010. AMC serves technology companies in Europe, Israel and the US to improve sales and marketing performance, through creating clarity in messaging, implementing inbound marketing and assisting in transforming the sales culture to better serve Internet Age buyers.

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Advanced Marketing Concepts joins Hubspot's partner program

By Mark Gibson on Aug 4, 2009 6:06:00 AM

(Cambridge, England) Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd., (Admarco) is delighted to announce they have been accepted into the HubSpot Inbound Marketing partner program. HubSpot is the driving force behind Inbound Marketing and makers of the inbound marketing platform that helps companies get found on the Internet, convert more leads and analyze their effectiveness. 

HubSpot partner program manager, Pete Caputa describes members of their partner program as “creative services professionals who have demonstrated their ability to help clients build traffic and capture more leads using the HubSpot Inbound Marketing Software".
"Advanced Marketing Concepts is a valued HubSpot Partner. They've integrated our software and inbound marketing methodology into their comprehensive sales and marketing alignment services offerings. We've seen how their sales and marketing messaging offering, -which starts by defining buyer personas and ends with the alignment of marketing messages with sales processes - helps b2b companies adapt to the realities of marketing and sales where buyers are more educated and empowered during their buying processes. “

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MAGIC SOFTWARE - ADMARCO Complete Sales Training Phase

By Mark Gibson on Jul 30, 2009 11:16:00 AM

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Inbound Marketing University Certification for Admarco Principals

By Mark Gibson on Jul 21, 2009 8:01:00 AM

(Cambridge, England) Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd, principals, Robin Russell and Mark Gibson have achieved certification in Hubspot’s Inbound Marketing University program.

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Magic Software - Admarco complete Sales-Marketing Alignment project

By Mark Gibson on Jun 3, 2009 5:50:00 AM

Magic Software Enterprises, has completed its initial Sales and Marketing Alignment and Inbound Marketing engagement with Admarco and prepares to train the EMEA and US Sales organizations.

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