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New Partner for Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd.

By Robin Russell on Feb 9, 2009 6:24:00 AM

(Cambridge, England)  - Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd., a leader in Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement, announced today Ed Callahan of CoherentSalesConsulting as a new US partner.
Mr Callahan's practice is that of a CEO Advisor and Sales Consultant. His career spans more than thirty years in technology sales and general management. A former Sales Vice President at Sun Microsystems, Mr. Callahan was also the President of two public SMB corporations.
"I have known Ed for 20 years and we are very excited to be working with him again to help US corporations improve their sales and marketing performance.
Ed brings relevant executive and hands-on sales management experience to our partnership. Ed's LinkedIN insights and courses are great value- a great addition to AMC offering of our Sales and Marketing Alignment and Consultative Sales Training programs", commented Mark Gibson, AMC Director.
Based near Philadelphia, Mr. Callahan describes himself as "a sales executive in my soul, which is to say that I enjoy it and consider it a worthy profession and one not just anybody can manage or execute personally."
Coherent Sales Consulting provides both advisory and sales consulting services to CEOs, management teams, advisors, or investors, who want to improve sales execution and build world-class sales organizations. One service in his sales practice particularly relevant today is teaching organizations how to use LinkedIn to shrink their sales cycles and increase their close rates.
In addition to his web site above, you can learn more about Ed and what he does by checking his LinkedIn profile and reading his sales and consulting blog.

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