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Selling in the Internet Age Courses for Sales, Marketing, Support

By Mark Gibson on Nov 3, 2009 1:44:00 PM

Selling in the Internet Age is a compelling eLearning offering to help sales, marketing and customer-facing support professionals to level the playing field with buyers; through improved communication, language and interpersonal selling skills for more effective diagnosis and lead qualification. Salescraft process methods and tools help to align with how customers buyers and gain control in selling situations.

As a lifetime student of Sales and Marketing and 20 year veteran of high tech sales I can tell you that I owe my sailboat, my house on the ocean and the many wonderful things I can do for and with my family to learning these techniques. Don Henrich
Topics: software sales green-tech sales communication and rapport diagnosis and quailification training Selling in the internet age selling skills training b2b sales and marketing