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San Francisco CA. Advanced Marketing Concepts, (dba Admarco LLC), invites to you to join Mark Gibson and Mike Bosworth in this Story Seekers Webinar. What great salespeople do naturally; story telling and truly listening, can be learned.

Join Mark Gibson, CEO of Advanced Marketing Concepts, and Mike Bosworth, CEO of Mike Bosworth Leadership, for a to explore what the top 13% of salespeople are doing, that the core group has yet to master.

According to a recent Forrester survey, buyers rate about 1 in 10 conversations with salespeople as contributing value and worthy of their time. It's not that the core group is doing something bad, it's just that they're not doing what top performers do on a consistent basis.

"In the past 30 years of sales training, billions of dollars have been spent on sales productivity training and enablement tools across all industries, yet the results for the core group are dismal", states Bosworth.

Mike Bosworth has influenced millions of salespeople through his books and training courses, including; “Solution Selling” published nearly 30 years ago, based on his experiences at Xerox and involvement in the SPIN project; "Customer Centric Selling" published in 2004 and his most recent work; "What Great Salespeople Do".

"The outcome of all the training was that the best got better and the core group generally stopped using the techniques after a few weeks and went back to their old behaviors and did not improve their performance. It used to be that 20% of salespeople produced 80% of the revenue, but a recent survey by Sales Benchmark Index indicates that just 13% of salespeople produce 87% of the revenue." states Bosworth.

"What makes great salespeople great, is their ability to connect and to quickly develop trust and they do this through story and truly listening to buyers. Status-quo sales management thinking, (that this stuff is too "touchy-feely" and can't be taught) is flawed, which is why so much investment has been poured into almost every aspect of selling, except developing skills to improve the most important factor - human connection", added Bosworth.

Click on this link to download deck from the webinar.

This one hour Webinar will discuss:
  • How story telling and story tending can change the chemistry in buyer-seller relationships,
  • How the top 13% of salespeople use story to their advantage,
  • How to develop "your company story", "your own story" and a "who I've helped story" and to tend the buyer's story,
  • How story telling and story tending creates trust and creates opportunities to tell a visual story using a PowerPoint, Prezi, an iPad, a whiteboard or just plain paper - when the buyer is ready to hear it.

About Advanced Marketing Concepts

Advanced Marketing Concepts, (Admarco.net) believes that clarity in communicating value is the most important success factor in scaling a successful business. Admarco exists to help clients to capture and clarify their value proposition in a structured Messaging Architecture. This messaging framework helps marketers to amplify capabilities that are important to the target audience and to create content for demand generation. The messaging is also used by sales enablement teams to create sales-ready-messaging and in visual storytelling.

About Mike Bosworth

Mike Bosworth is well known throughout the business sales world as a trainer, speaker, and the author of best selling sales books Solution Selling: Creating Buyers in Difficult Selling Markets (McGraw-Hill, 1993), What Great Salespeople Do: The Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story (McGraw-Hill, 2011) and co-author of CustomerCentric Selling (McGraw-Hill, 2003).

Mike founded and grew one of the most successful virtual businesses in the B2B arena. After 10 years with Xerox Computer Services and one year with a software start-up, he founded Solution Selling® in 1983, began adding licensing his intellectual property to affiliates in 1988 and by the time he sold it in 1999, he had over 50 affiliates. 

Mike began studying story as a framework for building emotional connection in 2008 and published a new book, What Great Salespeople Do, the Science of Selling Through Emotional Connection and the Power of Story in January, 2012. In January 2013, Mike founded Mike Bosworth Leadership. MBL currently has eight affiliates who sell and deliver his Story Seekers™ workshops.

Storytelling Webinar with Mike Bosworth