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14 April 2011, San Francisco. WhiteboardSelling and Advanced Marketing Concepts (Admarco) are pleased to announce that Mark Gibson is now a certified WhiteboardSelling Affiliate.

WhiteboardSelling is powerful sales enablement process that helps customer-facing sales, marketing and pre-sales teams to better engage buyers, diagnose and qualify opportunities and close the sale using a whiteboard or digital paper and visual storytelling method.

WhiteboardSelling, Message, Enablement and Certification Process

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Affiliate Certification

The WhiteboardSelling Affiliate Certification process is a comprehensive examination of skills and technique. Working closely with WhiteboardSelling founders for a period of up to six months, affiliates are required to learn and demonstrate mastery over each aspect of the WhiteboardSelling methodology, including;-

  • Initial diagnosis and discovery of client goals and needs,
  • Demonstrating the product and closing the Whiteboardselling sale,
  • Conducting Whiteboardselling Messaging Workshops and client Echo-back meetings,
  • Developing original Whiteboard designs and Whiteboard stories,
  • Organizing, presenting and facilitating WhiteboardSelling enablement Symposiums.
  • Certifying sales professionals in Whiteboard presentation.

WhiteboardSelling co-founder Corey Sommers stated, “Mark Gibson of Advanced Marketing Concepts has passed the WhiteboardSelling certification process with flying colors and we are pleased to have him as a certified affiliate. Mark has the perfect affiliate background; a successful career in sales and marketing, coupled with recent consulting experience in sales performance and marketing messaging."

“I saw the potential of Whiteboarding to improve sales performance as soon as I saw the demonstration and we are thrilled to have been certified as WhiteboardSelling affiliates", stated Mark Gibson. "The WhiteboardSelling methodology helps companies bring their value proposition into focus around buyer needs and helps customer-facing teams to own the value-creation message"

"WhiteboardSelling's approach uses a visual storytelling method and a Whiteboard or digital paper, instead of relying on PowerPoint bullets to tell the story. This helps field personnel to engage buyers in true dialog and creates differentiation vs. competitors. 

About WhiteBoardSelling

WhiteboardSelling provides its clients with the tools, best practices and technology required to enable field personnel to communicate and demonstrate core business value propositions to c-level buyers in a confident, compelling and consistent fashion...all without slides.
Our principals and affiliates have decades of experience in enterprise sales and marketing, specifically in the areas of sales best practices and field/channel enablement.


Corey Sommers, Principal, WhiteBoardSelling 

Email: corey(dot)sommers(at)whiteboardselling(dot)com


About Advanced Marketing Concepts

Advanced Marketing Concepts (Admarco) delivers and implements sales and marketing messaging alignment, WhiteBoard Selling and consultative sales training in the the "Selling in the Internet Age" classroom and E-learning program; Admarco is a certified HubSpot reseller and implements HubSpot's Inbound Marketing solution. Additional information is available at http://www.admarco.net

Mark Gibson, Principal, Advanced Marketing Concepts
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