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Selling to customers the way they want to buy seems obvious, but as thousands of failed startups have found, it's not obvious and marketing and selling approaches and venture capital investor expectations need to be adapted when selling discontinuous technology.

Join Dominic Rowsell, co-author of "Why Killer-Products Don't killer bookSell"and AMC's Mark Gibson for this Webinar on March 29th at 3PM British Summer Time 10AM Eastern.

In this Webinar we introduce core concepts from the Killer Products book: the four different buying cultures, the IMPACT Cycle - how companies and people buy, and how buying behaviour varies according to risk tolerance.

We will also discuss Value-created Selling, critical for selling discontinuous technology products to early adopters, so that you can get your "killer-products" sold.

  • CSO Insights Sales Performance Optimization Survey of more than cso insights 2010 startups180 startups, places aligning with customer buying process as a top 3 initiative for 2010.

  • Discover if you are selling to customers in the way they wish to buy, based on their risk tolerance and the maturity of your product in the market.

  • Find out if Value-created Selling is right for the life-stage of your product and business or if you should be selling in a Value-added way.

  • Learn from industry experts and case studies from companies that have both failed and succeeded in their sales approach to launching new products.

Reserve your place for the Why Killer Products Don't Sell Webinar and please don't leave it until the last minute as numbers are limited.