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Cambridge, England: 15 January 2010.

Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd (Admarco), announce that Admarco CEO Mark Gibson, will be speaking at the VICO Software partner training event in Budapest Hungary on Tuesday 20th January.

In the two hour presentation entitled, "Selling in the InterneSelling in The Internet Aget Age," Mr. Gibson will discuss concepts from the Blended Learning program of the same name with the goal of accelerating VICO partner's success in introducing Vico's Office suite to building owners, general contractors and construction managers to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects

Core concepts for the session are:-

  1. Understanding how buyer behaviour is affected by risk tolerance over the Diffusion of Innovation curve and the implications for VICO channel partners.
  2. The I.M.P.A.C.T (Identify, Mentor, Position, Assessment, Case, Transaction) buying cycle and Value-created Selling to engage early adopters and secure executive sponsorship to facilitate the buying process.
  3. Using VICO Software's Buyer-Relevant Messaging templates to engage target buyers around their likely business goals.
  4. Creating transparency in the sales process and reducing no-decision outcomes through strong qualification and formal buyer-seller alignment process.

About Vico Software

Vico Software, Inc. provides software and services to the commercial construction industry.  Building owners, general contractors, and construction managers use our software and our services to reduce risk, manage costs, and optimize schedules on complex building projects.  Vico's 5D Virtual Construction solutions pioneered the category of BIM for Construction, and they remain the industry's most integrated approach to coordination, quantity takeoff, cost estimation, project scheduling, and production control.  The new Vico Office product suite continues this tradition making it possible to leverage many important BIM file formats such as Revit, Tekla, and ArchiCAD.  The benefits of our solutions and services have been proven on hundreds of building projects to date.

For more information, please contact:Holly Allison, VP of Marketing at Vico Software, Tel:   (978) 882-0170 x118 (eastern)
Skype: reason8855
Email:holly.allison@vicosoftware.com Twitter: @letsbuildit

About Admarco. 
Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd. (Admarco) delivers and implements Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment, HubSpot Inbound Marketing solutions, B2B selling training, performance support and coaching in a blended learning solution. We serve clients in EMEA, UK and North America. http://www.admarco.net 
Contact: Mark.Gibson[at]admarco.net  Tel. +44-7961-081-082