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Cambridge, England: 30 November 2009.
"Why Killer Products Don't Sell" author and copyright holder, Dominic Rowsell and Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd (Admarco), announce a partnership to extend the impact of "Value-created selling" and "Operational Culture Alignment" to a wider audience.
killer products
"HotRivet's Why Killer Products Don't Sell is valuable contribution to body of professional sales knowledge. Core ideas are:
    1.    Understanding buyer behaviour according to risk tolerance over the Diffusion of Innovation curve. 
    2.    The I.M.P.A.C.T (Identify, Mentor, Position, Assessment, Case, Transaction) buying cycle explains the steps through which every purchase must pass and the engagement points for sales in the customer buying process - regardless of the scale or type of purchase.
    3.    Early adopters must be engaged at the Mentor stage of the IMPACT cycle and this requires a "Value-created" selling approach
    4.    Aligning selling culture to match buying culture based on their risk/adoption profile reduces cost of sale and improves win-rate," states Mark Gibson, Managing Director of Admarco.

Whether you are an entrepreneur launching a novel product/service in a start-up, or introducing a new innovation through an existing team or channel, these are high value concepts, added Gibson.

25% of start-ups fail in the first year and 50% of start-ups are out of business by year 5. *1  Admarco and HotRivet in partnership help  companies overcome two of the top 10 reasons why companies fail,
i. product management issues,

ii.weak penetration of the early market, - often blamed on poor market timing.

“The partnership with Advanced Marketing Concepts is an important and exciting step in the evolution of Hot Rivet. Advanced Marketing Concepts brings with it key deliverables which customers need to be able to implement any sales culture change, deliverables which fully integrate with the IMPACT process.

The combination of Hot Rivet with Advanced Marketing Concepts will undoubtedly reduce the time to productivity in sales for customers,” stated Hot Rivet's Dominic Rowsell, Admarco has integrated the IMPACT Cycle and Value-created Selling concepts into their Selling in the Internet Age eLearning program along with downloadable tools and methods to align buyer and seller at each step in the IMPACT cycle.
Admarco will be offering Operational Culture Alignment consulting to executive teams as part of our partnership.
"Aligning sales, marketing and customer service culture around the way companies buy, based on their risk profile not only makes business sense, it is essential to survival of early stage technology companies", added Rowsell.

About Hot Rivet
Hot Rivet is a professional services company which enables companies to align their sales culture and infrastructure to the appropriate buying culture (www.killer-products.com ) in the market. Hot Rivet’s founder, Dominic Rowsell, is the author of “Why Killer Products Don’t Sell”, a book which reveals the secrets in selling disruptive solutions and services into the banking and technology industries. 
Contact Dominic.Rowsell[at]HotRivet.com.

About Admarco. 
Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd. (Admarco) delivers and implements Inbound Marketing Messaging, HubSpot Inbound Marketing solutions, B2B selling training, performance support and coaching in a blended learning solution. http://www.admarco.net 
Contact: Mark.Gibson[at]admarco.net  Tel. +44-7961-081-082
*1 Bureau of the Census produced for the Office of Advocacy of the U.S. Small Business Administration.