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As part of a full-cycle marketing and sales performance improvement program, Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd (Admarco) and Magic Software Enterprises Ltd. completed classroom sales training for Magic Software's 20 person America's team in Irvine CA. earlier this month. In June this year, Admarco trained Magic Software's 40 person EMEA sales team in Munich.

Admarco’s engagement commenced earlier this year with a Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop to identify the Buyer-Persona create the Magic Software Messaging Architecture, and Buyer-Relevant-Messaging templates.

This was followed by the integration of the messaging into the Magic Software Website and the implementation of the Hubspot inbound marketing platform.

ADMARCO Marketing and Sales Performance Cycle
AMC full-cycle performance improvement

The focus of EMEA and US training sessions was to improve the communication, language, diagnosis and qualification skills for the whole team, including customer-facing support professionals, members of the marketing team as well as account managers, sales and telesales professionals.

Magic Software also released the Buyer-Relevant-Messaging to the field and used video role-playing to put the messaging and newly learned skills to the test. Admarco provided critiqued DVD’s of the role-plays with personalized coaching comments for each individual on their face-face technique.

“Magic Software is the first client to use our new full-cycle marketing and sales performance method, which integrates i. Sales and marketing messaging alignment with Hubspot for inbound marketing to generate more leads; ii. value-created” (consultative) sales training to convert more leads into customers; iii. our Performance Support platform to enable skill mastery and behavior change.

I am very pleased with the results we have achieved to date look forward to implementing the Performance Support, coaching and certification phase,” stated Mark Gibson, CEO of Advanced Marketing Concepts.

"Admarco has helped Magic Software in a multi-step engagement to align marketing and sales messaging and to use the messaging in sales conversations and to drive inbound marketing.  Admarco recommended HubSpot for Inbound Marketing which we have implemented and are already seeing results in getting found on the Internet. Admarco has led value-created (consultative) sales training sessions for our sales and marketing teams, and has been exceptional in setting expectations and in delivering what they committed to do." Arita Mattsoff, VP Marketing, Magic Software.

Here are comments from some of the participants in both training sessions.
  • “Dynamic instructor engaged all of us, practical techniques, reinforcement through role play and Performance Support. Great combination and great experience” Don White, 20+ year sales veteran USA.
  • “It has been the best sales training from all I have attended (and I have been through some 3-4)”. Helio Diamant, VP Channels, Israel
  • “A good amalgamation of different theories, methods and big ideas crafted in such a way that lead any salesperson to rethink the way they sold prior to the course, No doubt can improve any sales person/sales team results.” David Akka, Managing Director, UK, Erie, Ireland
  • “Excellent course and messaging integration makes it a total selling solution for the company” Peter Saunders, 20+ years sales veteran UK
  • “Very valuable, very professional trainer, well worth doing!” Dominique Berger, Sales Exec. France.