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Magic Software logoMagic Software Enterprises, has completed its initial Sales and Marketing Alignment and Inbound Marketing engagement with Admarco and prepares to train the EMEA and US Sales organizations.

Commencing in Munich in June and in the US in July, Admarco will participate in a 3-day field-training event to upgrade communication, language and consultative selling skills and to train the sales and support teams in using the Buyer-Relevant-Messaging templates produced in the Sales and Marketing Alignment phase.
According to Arita Mattsoff, VP Marketing at Magic Software, "We engaged AMC in a four part Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement program for Magic Software;
1.  To consult with us in transitioning to an inbound marketing model including using the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform;
2.  To develop a new messaging framework for positioning our uniPaaS application platform in the market;   
3.  To empower and train our marketing and sales teams to excel in promoting and selling our solution, and
4.  To improve our interaction with buyers across the board.

 “AMC has brought a methodology, discipline and structure to our messaging which has enabled us to capture how the uniPaaS application platform suite is used to create value.

The work we completed to identify the buyer-persona and needs of potential buyers in our target markets will drive both inbound marketing and sales productivity initiatives. We are pleased with the progress we have made, which is the result of the Admarco methodology, their experience and the Magic Software team's engagement, knowledge and professionalism. We are already using the messaging.
I strongly recommend Admarco for this process and look forward to implementing the sales and marketing training in our next phase".