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Last month's one-day Sales and Marketing Alignment Workshop held in London for members of Microsoft UK's Accelerator program was attended by representatives of innovative UK software companies including, Huddle, Wigadoo, Artesian Solutions, Corebridge and Silobreaker.

According to feedback from participants, the workshop was highly relevant to their business and of value in developing and connecting with the persona of their targeted customers. 

"Nobody cares about your products...except you. People care about their issues and their problems; our goal in this workshop is to figure out how buyers can use your products to solve their problems in their business."

This opening remark set the workshop agenda of identifying the "buyer-persona" of target buyers and then figuring out how by using each companies products, their targeted buyers could create value or achieve their business goals.

Here's what Dale Roberts, Services Director at Artesian had to say about the workshop. "The workshop helped in many ways. However, it was particularly enlightening to be part of a group of early stage businesses transforming their message from what inevitably starts as a set of favourite product features and benefits into language that a customer would use to articulate their problem, pain or business requirement. By the end of the process we could articulate a sales message that resonates with buyers, rather than the things we are proud of in our products!"

This workshop will be of value to any early stage technology company and will be made available for VC's, technology incubators and corporations wanting to improve how they connect with buyers. 

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