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Microsoft UK's BIZSPARK Accelerator Group is holding a one day workshop for members in London on Monday 30th March 2009, on Sales and Marketing Alignment to be led by AMC's CEO, Mark Gibson.

"Sales and Marketing Alignment is a critical process for any company wanting to improve Inbound Marketing results and raise performance standards of the direct and channel sales teams. Aligning sales and marketing messaging early in the life of a company makes it easier to hire top talent, relate to buyers issues in a way that differentiates you from your competition and reduces ramp time for direct and channel-sales," states Mark Gibson.

The American Marketing Association reports that early adopter companies using similar process are achieving a 20% increase in win-rates, are much more effective in accessing decision levels, are more effective in upselling and cross-selling and in reducing excessive discounting and perhaps most importantly for start-ups, less sales-cycles end in no-decision.

Our goal in this Workshop is to build an understanding of the core concepts and value in the process and assist delegates to develop the buyer persona's of their target audience and to create at least one Buyer-Relevant-Messaging template. 

Advanced Marketing Concepts has been developing their Sales and Marketing Alignment process over the past 5 years and has completed many successful client implementations.

For more information on this process or if you are interested in a workshop for your company, please contact us.