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(Cambridge, England)  - Advanced Marketing Concepts Ltd., (Admarco) a Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement Company, today announced the availability of its "Selling in the Internet Age" E-Learning and Performance-Support product'.

selling in the internet ageDesigned to raise individual standards of performance for sales, telesales, and customer-facing support professionals; Selling in the Internet Age integrates best-practices and current ideas for more effective sales diagnosis and qualification.

Today, how you sell is more important than what you sell; now more than ever, sales people require a sound understanding of human behaviour, underpinned by excellent rapport, communication, and language skills. The critical requirement for salespeople is to more effectively engage, diagnose, and qualify opportunities they can win, and to exit opportunities they can't win - early in the cycle," states author Mark Gibson.

Our differentiation is that we integrate training in consultative selling with the tools sales people really need in order to apply their training, all in one performance-support platform. It is available as a stand-alone module or as part of a blended learning curriculum", states Robin Russell, VP marketing. 

According to Bob Langer, former VP and General Manager of Rainmaker Inc. (RMKR), a top 10 US Telesales company, "Admarco delivered an insightful and well received program for our Services Telesales business that raised the overall skill-level and contributed to our sustained record levels of performance. An alternative to classroom training, which took my team off the production floor for a ½ -1 day per quarter, Admarco has now produced a comprehensive, high-quality E-learning program, which is exactly what I was looking for...well done Admarco."

Gibson added, "We chose the CogBooks performance support free trialplatform for the development due to its advanced user interface, flexible self-paced learning methods, and for the high-quality development support we received throughout the development and release cycle. CogBooks platform uniquely enables us to deliver both the learning and the tools to apply the learning, and improve performance in one web-based platform."

Advanced Marketing Concepts consults, delivers and implements sales and marketing messaging alignment, consultative sales training and performance support in a blended learning solution. Admarco is based in the UK and works with innovative companies throughout the US, UK, EMEA, Europe, and Asia-Pac.