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VICO is a fast-growing software company based in Salem MA, leading the World in 5D Virtual Construction. VICO needed to rapidly ramp new hires and improve performance of existing sales reps. Admarco was engaged to complete a three stage project consisting of;

  1. A Sales and Marketing Alignment workshop and the development of Buyer-Relevant-Messaging for target buyers in key VICO markets. This workshop identified the buyer persona of key buyers in target markets as a first step. Next we mapped win-themes (product capabilities) against likely buyer goals. We then captured and cloned the best-practices diagnostic questions of the top sales performers and created sales-ready messaging templates for the sales team to engage clients in consultative conversations.
    During the workshop we captured and documented relevant proof-points to support the sales team in telephone and face-face selling. Finally we created a template summary in story format of each buyers individual goal, relevant industry issues and the VICO solution for use in sales conversations and long-tail marketing campaigns. 

    These templates were then loaded into the CogBooks performance-support system and the VICO Web-site updated with newly captured information. Sales people are encouraged to use the templates prior to a sales call and to add comments and feedback about what questions worked and what win-themes were most relevant so as to tune the templates and contribute to the overall VICO objective of closed-loop marketing to increase inbound traffic and prospect conversion
  2. Consultative Selling training followed a month later and we held a 2-day classroom immersion for all customer-facing employees. This intensive sales training seminar covered more than 150 concepts in a curriculum including;
    • Psychology of Selling (communication and rapport, precision in language, transactional-analysis in sales, personal-growth, setting goals and creating empowering beliefs)
    • SalesCraft Skills (consultative selling skill, customer-centric selling  technique, telephone and face-face selling skills, social network selling, running meetings, diagnosis and strong-qualification, engaging key players and getting the order, overcoming objections, role-playing).
    • SalesCraft Process (developing pipeline-milestones and lightweight, but scalable process, tools for aligning buyer-seller through the sales funnel, optimizing CRMusage).
  3. Performance Support, Coaching and Certification The direct sales team was then enrolled in AMC's Consultative Selling Performance Support program, an essential step in retaining and mastering all of the skills and techniques learned in the classroom. Following the training, individual and group coaching sessions were held on a fortnightly basis to introduce new concepts and to role-play situations to improve performance. 
Although it is still early days since the training, already we are seeing improved diagnosis and qualification, reduction in wasted cycles with unqualified buyers, clearer calls to action and next steps, transparency in the pipeline and improved forecasting accuracy. www.VICO

Quote from Donald R. Henrich II, xecutive Vice President & Co-founder,
Vico Software.

"Vico is now engaged in step 3 of the Admarco Process to improve my team's performance (messaging alignment, training and coaching). 
This expert consulting has exceeded all my expectations so far, thus I would give it a 10/10 for the sales and marketing alignment and sales training sessions. Mark Gibson has been letter-perfect in setting and meeting expectations and the 2 day Field Team training he led was one of the best sales training classes I have attended in 20 years.  I highly recommend you consider working with Admarco if you are looking to improve results for your sales and marketing execution."