SuperDerivatives Case Study

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SuperDerivatives is a leading global provider of derivatives pricing information for banks, hedge funds, investment managers, corporations and auditors. SuperDerivatives was under-achieving its potential as a global-leader; sales performance and execution varied widely across the sales team. Due to the highly technical nature of the sale, ramp times were long and many non-industry sales-people struggled to achieve success.

Admarco conducted a diagnostic assessment of sales and marketing process and made specific recommendations including migrating to CRM from an in-progress implementation of Siebel Online. Recommendations were also made on modifying sales process, training the sales team in consultative selling technique and as a first step to align sales and marketing messaging to simplify and distill the value proposition.

Admarco worked with the founders, product management team, top sales producers and visionaries in the company to create a Customer Messaging Architecture consisting of Positioning Pillars for "big-idea" selling and positioning SuperDerivatives offerings vs competitors and "Win-themes" which describe how using the SuperDerivatives products creates value for derivatives traders, sales-people and customers.

The next step was creation of Buyer-Relevant Messaging templates for each of the target buyers in the markets served.

These templates gather and integrate the following information;-

  • industry knowledge,
  • product knowledge,
  • product-usage knowledge and a rationale for positioning,
  • best practices diagnostic questions of the top sellers,
  • questions to enable buyers to envision using the products,
  • relevant proof points 
The Messaging Templates are used by sales execs. prior to making sales calls to raise the standard of sales conversations with buyers from product-centric to business-centric and have been integrated into the SuperDerivatives conceptual selling framework.

According to CEO David Gershon, Admarco's process enabled SuperDerivatives to uncover its core competitive DNA." Admarco provides a tremendously valuable toolset to shorten ramp time for new sales people to become fully productive. In addition sales people with no background in financial markets feel much more comfortable in conversing with clients around how using our products can help them achieve their business goals".