Rainmaker Inc. Case Study

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In 2006 Rainmaker's (NASD: RMKR) Dell Service Sales Telesales business unit were consistently under-achieving their sales quota. Management teams tried many different spiffs and incentives to motivate the sales team, but as with many "carrot-based" incentives, these were soon taken for granted and no improvement resulted.

Admarco was contracted to grow revenue and developed a human-needs psychology centred sales training program to improve Rainmaker Telesales Rep self-confidence, communication, language and telephone selling skills and to improve qualification and win-rates. Where TSR's were generating 3 or 4 quotes to close a sale we were able to reduce this to one which produced significant productivity gains. 

Advanced Marketing Concepts adapted and extended their existing curriculum to deliver a new quarterly classroom training and telephone coaching curriculum over a 12 month period. This was accompained with weekly coaching bulletins to keep the new concepts and techniques top of mind. The RMKR curriculum focused on the following;

  • getting the most out of yourself; goals and beliefs
  • script development and getting engagement
  • rapport and telephone technique
  • precision language
  • transactional analysis in selling
  • metaprograms in selling
  • diagnosing need and uncovering opportunity
  • getting the order

Rainmaker were able to achieve sustainable performance improvement and record quarter on quarter growth in the five quarters following the training. At Rainmaker we contributed to the improvement in performance of the A, B and C players and returned an ROI of their training investment of >20:1.