ENQII Case Study


ENQII is a global leader in the use of innovative media, services and technologies for out-of-home digital media markets. The company had 10 years of digital media experience, but it re-financed, re-branded and re-positioned itself as ENQII in 2007.

ENQII needed to reposition itself as a full service consulting company from its roots as a media-player company. In addition, the sales team had varied skill levels and performance across the group was markedly different.

Admarco completed a diagnostic assessment and facilitated a Sales and Marketing Alignment workshop where ENQII formulated a new Messaging Architecture, which identified ENQII core strengths and win-themes relative to the markets served. In addition Admarco created Buyer-Relevant-Messaging Templates and led a 2 day consultative selling skills training course and follow-on coaching to improve diagnosis and qualification skills.

Admarco's customer-centric sales training equipped the global sales team to engage in consultative conversations with targeted customers and qualify opportunities much more effectively. Admarco's recommendations on sales-process change enabled ENQII to better execute the sales process and forecast with far greater accuracy. www.ENQII.com