Craneware Case Study

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Craneware Inc

Craneware is a leading provider of revenue-cycle solutions for the Healthcare industry in the USA, was Admarco's first client.

Craneware founders and owners believed the company was under-achieving its potential, given that it had an outstanding solution and excellent references.

  • Craneware had a very demonstration-led, one-way dialogue in its sales approach in 2004.
  • Outbound lead generation activity was less than desirable
  • Lead-gen was typically focused on calling one or two levels below the decision level in hospitals which caused long sales cycles.

Admarco completed diagnostic consultation and delivered a 2 day sales training classroom training course and in-field 1:1 coaching program, including walk-in cold-calls to build rep confidence. Following the training, Craneware reps focused on calling at the executive level in hospitals and significantly reduced sales cycles as a result.

Admarco raised the skill level of the sales team and created a Messaging Architecture, Buyer-Relevant-Messaging templates and scripts to enable the sales team to gain meetings at the CFO level in hospitals.

Outbound lead generation activity increased and through better qualification, Craneware reduced cycle time and increased sales productivity.