AVEVA Case Study

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Aveva is one of the World's leading construction software companies.  AVEVA had launched their V-NET engineering information management product 3 years prior to engaging Admarco, but had failed to score any market success, with only a handful of installs, despite strong product capability and compelling need.

The sales team were not actively selling the product as it was deemed non-core and they wereoffshore platform able to achieve quota without selling it. A further complication emerged as the two markets for the product had completely different needs and this was not reflected in the marketing or sales material.

In 2007, the company created an incentive plan to sell the product and hired Admarco to assist with driving product sales.

AMC assisted AVEVA to create a Messaging Architecture and develop  Buyer-Relevant-Messaging for targetted buyers in both EPC and Operations markets  for the product and to train the sales team in consultative selling.

On completion of the messaging, Admarco trained the sales and members of pre-sales support teams in the UK, Norway and Dubai over a 12 month period. In the year following the sales training and messaging workshop the V-NET  product achieved forecast revenues and major wins for the company.
V-NET has now evolved to become AVEVA NET and it is the strategic PLM product for the company. www.aveva.com