Enable your team with Remote Selling Mastery

Virtual selling is the new normal, yet more than 50% of salespeople believe they are better at selling in person than virtually.

By combining the right home video environment and a new technique that adds an engaging visual dimension to virtual meetings, salespeople can transform their meeting outcomes overnight. 

Sellers of all types (ISR's, AEs, SE's, GSA's, SDR's, CSR's) will leave the hands-on session knowing:

  1. How to set up and configure their home office into an effective remote selling environment.
  2. Best practices for Sales Qualification during a 1st remote meeting.
  3. How to avoid and overcome the most common remote meeting pitfalls.
  4. How to properly follow-up a first call remote meeting to guarantee a second meeting every time.


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 According to Laura Bierbrauer, VP of Go-to-market Readiness, at Equinix.

"Working with Enableocity, we have empowered our sellers to engage in consultative customer conversations that focus on creating a shared vision for their business— all while differentiating ourselves in the sales process.  Having rolled out the Customer Storyboarding and Remote Meeting Mastery program globally, we are also finding that it has increased collaboration and alignment for more effective team selling."

Enableocity No-Hassle Guarantee

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