Remote Selling Mastery


Sellers over-rely on in-person first meetings, leading to a massive dent to productivity and soaring travel costs.

What if...

Sellers could confidently execute a polished & professional remote meeting using just a webcam in a home office or conference room?


Salespeople default to PowerPoint presentations and let slides do their talking, resulting in a poor first impression & low conversions.

What if...

Account Executives and SDRs could forego slides and the dreaded “show up and throw up” until the opportunity is properly qualified?


When sellers do hold meetings remotely, they do so with a “rough and ready” approach that makes a poor first impression.

What if...

Everyone had the skills & remote selling technology to build trust & delight prospects, setting your teams apart from competitors?

Convert More First Meetings


Generations of salespeople presenting in first meetings instead of listening and creating dialogue have led to a buyer expectation of a pitch from a salesperson. Enableocity's Remote Selling Mastery course breaks this pattern and helps companies differentiate in how their sales team sells. Salespeople step out from behind Powerpoint, switch on their video camera and engage buyers in dialogue that builds rapport and trust and where mutual discovery can take place which is critical in a first meeting as well as ongoing engagement.

I want to Run a Remote Selling Workshop for my Team

Remote Selling Mastery can be delivered in ½ day or full day REMOTE sessions. Sellers of all types (SDRs, AEs, SEs) will leave the hands-on session knowing:

  1. How to set up and configure their remote selling environment.
  2. How to turn a remote office or conference room into a remote selling studio. 
  3. Best practices for Sales Qualification during a 1st remote meeting.
  4. Setting expectations, remote meeting pitfalls and how to avoid them.
  5. How to properly follow-up a first call remote meeting


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