Product Marketing and Product Training

Product Training Doesn't Work.

Traditionally B2B product marketing is responsible for creating the material and training the sales team to sell the new products/services.

It typically takes twice as long as managers expect to get reveunue using traditional approaches....WHY and WHAT can be done to improve reduce sales ramp time and increase revenue?

Traditional Product training

typical product training


Visual StoryTelling Sales Training and Enablement

A Proven Approach to faster ramp-times and greater confidence in positioning and presenting technology products uses a blended learning approach that includes hand-scribed video, E-Learning, classroom immersion training and role-playing in using visual confections, and post-training coaching and reinforcement from sales managers. 

storytelling practicum.1.1

Multi-senory active learning, role playing, storytelling and listening skills training are combined so that in a 1-day training session, sales reps learn and own the value proposition and leave the training with new storytelling and listening skills to put the training into action the very next day.

Sales Enablement Services to Reduce Sales Ramp