Playbook Factory


Useful information is trapped in multiple portals and in people's heads.

What if...

You could easily capture tacit knowledge and centralize conversational sales content?


Sellers can’t find the information they need when they need it the most - right before (or even during) a meeting with a prospect.

What if...

You had relevant, up-to-date Playbook content delivered to the point-of-use on any device?


Playbooks are delivered as .pdf's or PowerPoint, requiring the salesperson to switch tasks to search for it.

What if...

Bite-sized chunks of relevant content are available for direct and channel sellers anywhere on any device?


Playbook Factory Intro - Google Slides

Enableocity Playbook Factory incorporates a well-designed structured development and collaboration model that makes it easy for multiple remote collaborators to contribute content asynchronously to the Paybook development process. The collaboration model dramatically reduces time to produce a playbook using a curate, collaborate, auto-ingest and classify, refine, and publish mode.

Playbook analytics monitor user adoption, content ratings, and identify and rank high-value content, to encourage adoption of what works best.

Sales Playbooks can be rapidly cloned and rebranded for partners with filtered content specific to their needs.

Enableocity and messaging partners provide consulting to accelerate implementation and reduce time to value.

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"We had been planning to build a sales playbook for over two years. To have someone corral us, cajole us, organize us and patiently record and present our disparate thoughts into a coherent and usable product, that is the resounding achievement of Enableocity in building the company's playbook."

Colin Blou, SVP Sales - Claroty