Pipeline Enablement

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Workflow-Driven SDR Prequalification Process, Sales Conversation Frameworks, Guided Selling Milestones to Eliminate No-Decision Outcomes and Grow Revenue

Enableocity Pipeline Enablement services take the guess-work out of forecasting through creating a true 2-way dialogue with buyers based on trust. Buyers are encouraged to participate in a problem-solving dialogue at each step in the buy-sell process. Sellers advance in collaboration with buyers through their buying process, where each advance in the buy cycle is validated by the customer.

  • SCRUBIT SDR/BDR pre-qualification workflow and scoring system embedded in Salesforce.com for broader, deeper conversations and higher quality leads.
  • Conversations Frameworks ensure each B2B seller is skilled in executing FIVE key sales conversations: QUALIFY - ENGAGE - ASSESS - PLAN - ACQUIRE.
  • Sellers no longer move deals from stage to stage and category to category - sales funnel advances are instrumented in SFDC based on completion of verifiable activities.
Pipeline Enablement Products and Services