Partner Sales Playbooks


Partners often lack access to Playbooks designed for your direct sales team because it contains sensitive information.

What if...

You could quickly create a partner-specific version of the playbook including content specific to each partner?


Partners are limited to printed playbooks that become obsolete the moment they come off the press.

What if...

Playbook content was digitally accessible by partner sellers in sales conversations, email, and presentations?


Partners take forever to get up to speed and often never fully engage to represent your offerings.

What if...

Partners ramp fast & gravitate to your offerings because of the wealth of knowledge and sales guidance in the playbook?

Partners who love you

Enableocity leverages the same, groundbreaking playbook design format and process to build channel-specific or even partner-specific playbooks that can be quickly deployed and have an immediate impact to enable your channel.  

Our various Playbook Access Channels can be quickly spun up for your channel and can even be private-label branded for specific partners.

Finally, our various Playbook enablement solutions like Playbook IV and The Sales Enablement Game can be run as channel-specific programs or events to motivate and engage partners.


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"We had been planning to build a sales playbook for over two years. To have someone corral us, cajole us, organize us and patiently record and present our disparate thoughts into a coherent and usable product, that is the resounding achievement of Enableocity in building the company's playbook."

Colin Blau, SVP Sales - Claroty