Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement Case Study - Magic Software

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Magic Software has a strong history of technology innovation and was the first Israel-based high-technology company to IPO (1991). Over the past 20 years the company has developed an extremely loyal customer base including enterprise companies, ISVs and reseller partners, gained through launching successive waves of innovation for software development professionals with a cloud and on-premise application platform that enabled continuous migration from one product to the next.


Magic Software wanted to adopt a new approach to lead generation for their core product - uniPaaS and were looking for new ideas and tools to help.


Cold calling was slow, pay per click campaigns were not too effective, tradeshows were struggling to justify their costs, and the website was more technology oriented than business-focused.


According to Arita Mattsoff, VP Marketing at Magic Software, "We engaged Mark Gibson of Admarco in a four part Sales and Marketing Performance Improvement program for Magic Software."

Mark was hired to:

1.  Consult with us in transitioning to an inbound marketing model including the use of the HubSpot Inbound Marketing platform;
2.  Develop a new messaging framework for positioning our uniPaaS cloud and on-premise application platform to address buyers' needs in the market;   
3.  Empower and train our marketing and sales teams to excel in promoting and selling our solution, and;
4.  Improve our interaction with buyers across the board.

marketing enablement process

According to Mattsoff, "Admarco has brought a methodology, discipline and structure to our messaging which has enabled us to better utilize the unique advantages of our uniPaaS application platform to create buyer relevant content to our marketing and sales discussions."

With Mark's expertise, Magic Software succeeded in identifying the buyer-persona's for their product, the buyer's specific needs, and then translate these into value-added messaging for the website and inbound marketing initiatives. The new messaging structure also forms the basis for the company's sales conversations with prospective customers.

"We are pleased with the progress we have made, which can be attributed in no small part to the Admarco methodology. The success of the project was, of course, also very much dependent on the ability and experience of the team, in working together to dig out the real unique selling points of the product and in defining who our customers really are and what they want," added Mattsoff.


The ability of Magic Software's sales and marketing to better combine their efforts is one of the main value outcomes of the Admarco process: "We have combined value-added messaging, business-driven content, productive sales techniques and an inbound marketing method for tracking and managing our progress together into a single sales-driven machine that delivers results. We applied everything we learnt from Mark to create newly revamped white papers, websites, webinars and blogs also for our subsidiaries."

Today Magic Software is generating significantly higher volume of leads per month, with a conversion rate far and beyond any industry standard (25-50%) and have already closed a number of new customer transactions.  The company has also applied the same methodology to their other product-line offering - the iBOLT integration suite.

Summing up her experience, Arita Mattsoff commented, "I strongly recommend Admarco for this process. In addition to their messaging methodology and sales training, they helped us overcome the status quo and develop a change in thinking which has transformed our sales and marketing approach."