Sales and Marketing Messaging Alignment Process

Sales and Marketing Alignment serves both the marketing team in sharpening the value creation story around buyer-relevant product capabilities and the sales team in engaging buyers in conversations around their issues and how products are used to solve the causes of their problems. 
  1. Brainstorming is a facilitated process using a methodology in a group of 5-7 people. The ideal group is a mix of top sales producers coupled with product visionaries and product marketing.
  2. Buyer Persona development starts by selecting market-segments and roles of target buyers who will be involved in the decision to acquire, finance and implement the solution.
  3. Developing the Cause-Level Value Model requires concentrated intellectual effort and must relate capabilities to how the products are used to overcome the causes of buyer problems. Potential solutions occur at the intersection of problem causes and capabilities. (not as an abstraction of features and benefits)
  4. The Messaging Architecture is an abstraction of the capabilities for use in sales conversations, website messaging and brand messaging.
  5. You will need to train the sales team on the new messaging and positioning so they "own it" and can focus 100% on the client and their issues. Delivering relevant conversational support content and storytelling training enables rapid mastery of the new value proposition.
  Sales & Marketing Alignment Webinar