Selling with IMPACT eBook

This eBook is an important update on the concepts covered in the book "Why Killer Products, Don't Sell".


It consists of 20 pages of the most important ideas in the book and will be of value in taking your understanding of buyer behavior to the next level. Particularly important for business and sales leaders selling to early adopters. Those interested in the Challenger Sale and disrupting status-quo thinking will find this whitepaper a worthy read.

  • The Four Buying Cultures and the influence of risk on buying behavior
  • The IMPACT (Identify-Mentor-Position-Assessment-Case-Transaction) buying Cycle - the universal process of how people and organizations buy.
  • Value-captured buying behavior, where buyers partner to share risk and rewards
  • Value-created Selling - how to disrupt status-quo thinking or sell novel technology to early adopters
  • Aligning Selling Cultures with four buying cultures
  • Organizational Culture Alignment Methodology
Available for immediate download.