Sales Training Testimonials

Mike R           Aspect most useful- Qualification and Diagnosis  Comments- After this course, I personally feel as if I have a new vision on what I can do and how to do it.

Louay D         Aspect most useful-playing, advanced selling and negotiation skills. Comments- Very satisfied, training is well structured, very real life examples; trainer is very experienced in what he is presenting

Sebastian L     Aspect most useful- Loved the role-play and feedback I have a completely different view of sales....its not an intangible mystery. Comments- There is a scientific process to get anyone who wants it - to be it.

Anders H        Aspect most useful- I think the communication part of the course was very good for both private and professional use. Comments- I think the structure on the course was very good, starting with communication and then use this to build up the sales technique. Also that we had some practical exercises so we could feel how these different techniques worked was good. The examples in the manual were easy to understand, and I think they will be very good when preparing calls/meetings. The only negative thing I can think of is as you already know, very much information in a short time. This could be because I am new in this game, and a more experienced sales person would find this easy and not too overwhelming.

Salim E           Aspect most useful- The interaction between you and us was amazing. Comments- An amazing guide for a successful business life

Andrew W   Aspect most usefulSoft skills, psychology. Comments- Insightful, real world techniques.

Ajay C           Aspect most useful- Process, structure, skills. Comments- Excellent program, well done.

Stephen A     Aspect most useful- Consultative selling; emotional state model, representation systems, reference material for further research very stimulating training. Comments- Extremely well adapted to our organization and our industry

Kevin M          Aspect most useful- Crossing chasm insights, specific communications tips re sales process. Comments- Excellent program, excellent manual

Brian B           Aspect most useful- Pain questioning technique, Referral based selling, Visibility into sales process. Comments- Well done guys, you did a great job mapping into our very niche industry

Wes M            Aspect most useful-  Probing & Needs Selling ... because it fits closely to what we sale. Comments- One of the few programs that will be helpful in both my business & personal life.

John C            Aspect most useful- In class role play and lectures helped me understand the concepts most effectively. Comments- Helpful for developing advanced sales skills

Norman W        Aspect most useful- I found the telephone coaching the best because it was more personal and tailored to me and my style of selling. Comments- The training and coaching helped me break through barriers and achieve my goals

Gabe L            Aspect most useful- Perception and communication was very helpful. Comments- Mark did an excellent job of relating his lessons to my current work environment. While applicable in all industries, Mark's teachings honed in on my market and opened my eyes to many possibilities.

John R             Aspect most useful- Great leadership and personal growth coaching. Comments- New information relevant for the job and a great refresher from prior training I am more than satisfied with the course. "What you call work history, I call ancient history".

Colette R          Aspect most useful- Reversing, goal setting, transactional analysis, self limiting beliefs, mirroring. Comments- You are single-handedly one of the most perceptive speakers I have ever seen, completely in tune with your audience. Your information relates to every human being and this seminar pertains to both life and work skills.

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