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Channel Enablement - Visual Storytelling Centrify Case Study

By Mark Gibson on Mon, Nov 05, 2018

Storytelling, Visual Storytelling and asking insightful questions are three of the most important skills for all customer-facing professionals for learning, retaining and engaging buyers in conversation around their issues. They are equally important for conveying your story to prospects and customers in a way that makes an impact on them and that they are likely to remember.

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1 min read

Your PowerPoint Presentations Suck Pt. 1 Visual Perception -Video

By Mark Gibson on Thu, Oct 09, 2014

Do your PowerPoint sales presentations suck? - be honest.

If they look anything like the spoof slide below, then this series of three 10-minute videos will be of interest. 

PowerPoint is ubiquitous, often maligned and most often misused... but as a presentation medium it has great utility.

We just need to get better at using PowerPoint and to improve the stories and visual elements that we use to create our presentations.

Your PowerPoint Sucks and what you can do about it

Part 1.  Your Powerpoint Sucks - Visual Perception
Part 2. The Hero's Journey and basic storytelling.
Part 3. Visual storytelling for salespeople

If you or your sales enablement or marketing team needs help with the underlying messaging and storyline to bring your presentations to life, please contact us.
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