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The Need for Speed in Inbound Sales

By Mark Gibson on Tue, Oct 22, 2013

Lately I have changed my strategy in responding to inbound leads, where a contact exchanges their contact details in return for an offer of an eBook, Whitepaper or Webinar on my Website.

I now make best efforts to respond to an inbound leads inside 5 minutes of receiving it. So far I have been able to reach 80% of contacts directly on the phone if I call within the first 10 minutes. I'm having at least an order of magnitude more constructive conversations with prospective customers than using my prior approach.

I wrote two blogs on this subject in the past week: -
The Quick and the Dead: Why Responsiveness Matters in Sales featured on the HubSpot Website.
The other, Responsiveness and the Dawn of a New Era in Sales Enablement featured on the WittyParrot site.

If you are interested in your team speaking with more leads to initiate more conversations and to improve the number of qualified leads in your pipeline, then I recommend reading both articles.

In the meantime you may find our Building Highly Responsive Sales Teams  eBook of value.

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An Architecture for Responsive Sales Enablement

By Mark Gibson on Mon, Sep 16, 2013

Responsive Sales Enablement 

The Inbound Marketing model pioneered by HubSpot has been proven by nearly 10,000 companies to efficiently lower the cost of acquiring new customers. The next logical steps in this evolution, articulated by HubSpot CTO and co-founder Dharmesh Shah at the recent #Inbound13 event in Boston, are Inbound Sales and Inbound Service.

The idea of flipping the sales model of calling cold, or even warm prospect lists on its head, to real-time engagement, while or within a few minutes of prospects visiting your Website or opening your email is a smart approach to facilitating buyers who start their journey as an inbound lead.  

Think about it, would you rather be contacted by a vendor salesperson to ask if you need help, two days after your visit to their Website, when you are in the middle of something else - or within 10 minutes of being on their Website? 
I would rather get that call while it’s still fresh in my mind… whether I decide to take action or not.



Context is required for a meaningful conversation with prospective customers, based on their buyer's progress in the IMPACT buying cycle. The HubSpot Contacts system provides excellent context to facilitate this conversation in the form of prior behavior and precise details of interactions. 

Responsive Sales Enablement

A responsive sales enablement system is required to quickly provide salespeople with the information they need to have a meaningful conversation with a prospect when they receive a  Signal that a contact is on their Website or has opened an email. The ability to follow-up the conversation immediately with an email with links and resources the buyer can use, while the conversation is still fresh in the buyer’s mind is an under-developed opportunity in most companies.

What is WittyParrot? 

WittyParrot is a responsive sales enablement platform.
WittyParrot helps you find, assemble, share and track digital information and makes it available in a widget that sits on your computer desktop, tablet or phone, whether you are on-line or off-line. 

WittyParrot is like iTunes for information. It enables you to quickly find and share content by simply dragging and dropping it into the target application, email tool or document. And like iTunes it keeps track of what gets used and what's relevant in your context.  

In a couple of clicks, you can find, drag content chunks from the widget into email, letters, documents, and web pages.  This solves a universal problem – consistent communication.

Through a unique combination of sales and marketing messaging alignment, inbound marketing tools, real-time Signals, and sales enablement support, facilitated by WittyParrot, this vision has become a reality. (Full disclosure, I am an investor in and marketing adviser to WittyParrot).  

Having an always-on, searchable desktop Widget, populated with most-used sales enablement material provides the context that salespeople need to have relevant conversations with prospective buyers and to immediately follow-up the call with a relevant note and resources. 

WittyParrot enables salespeople to instantly access appropriate stories and other supporting material (scripts, presentations, pdf’s, buyer personas, capabilities, website links, videos, pricing) from a Desktop Widget and drag and drop them onto the desktop for use in phone conversations, or into email, Word docs, or PowerPoint presentations for follow-up. 

We are working with a number of innovative technology companies to prove the Inbound Sales/ Responsive Sales Enablement concept and while it's too early to declare victory, early results are promising and interest from enablement professionals and thought leaders in marketing is very high.

Advanced Marketing Concepts is now delivering responsive sales engagement solutions for our B2B clients. We create the aligned sales and marketing messaging within WittyParrot and share the atomized messaging elements, content creation templates and sales ready messaging to sales, marketing and enablement teams. WittyParrot is an enabling technology to make sales and marketing alignment a reality 

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