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Online Whiteboarding with Paper-Show to Enhance Visual Communication

By Mark Gibson on Mon, Feb 20, 2012

If you are selling SaaS applications or B2B products/services over the Internet and like to use a whiteboard for discovery and to tell your story, Paper-Show offers precise digital image and text creation in real-time and when combined with  Gotomeeting HD Faces, provides an exceptional visual communication experience for video conferencing. 

Paper Show consists of an over-sized pen with an infra-red camera in the nose. The pen uses a blue-tooth transmitter to communicate its precise position on the A-4 sheet to a USB receiver key which holds the Paper-show application and all of the drawings you have created in Paper-Show.  
The pen is positioned in the paper-Show application on the computer screen in the same location as on paper so that when the screen is shared in a video conference, a real time whiteboarding session is enabled. The digital paper comes in books of A-4 paper sheets. The Paper-Show starter kit which includes the pen, USB key, A-4 paper pad and Letter size paper for printing and uploading graphics sells for $172 on Amazon, or at a number of commercial stationers. Replacement A-4 books are about $25.

Online Whiteboard

I have been working with Paper-Show for Online Whiteboarding for over a year now and have found it to be extremely powerful for engagement and enhanced visual communication.
How do I know it is effective? - every time I close a Paper-Show session with a prospective client, I ask them what it was like to be on the receiving end of the whiteboarding session and I have never once had anything other than positive feedback.
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