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Don't Just Curate Content - Harvest it

By Mark Gibson on Mon, Nov 03, 2014

curateSandhill.com, published "Don't Just Curate Content - Harvest it" last week, which I co-wrote with Jim Burns of Avitage.

Content curation is a hot topic as marketers struggle to augment internal content creation with 3rd party content to feed a growing constituency, hungry for quality content.


Content curation as practiced today is a good level-1 practice.

However it falls short of delivering the full potential inherent in great content.

When curated content is harvested as content source and made available for reuse, it can deliver years of value to an organization and yield multiple use cases.

The article discusses current curation practices and shortcomings and outlines four primary activities as better practices, which we refer to as “harvesting” content. Read more...