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Storytelling, Visual Storytelling and asking insightful questions are three of the most important skills for all customer-facing professionals for learning, retaining and engaging buyers in conversation around their issues. They are equally important for conveying your story to prospects and customers in a way that makes an impact on them and that they are likely to remember.

At Centrify, we developed 6 whiteboard stories during my tenure and innovated in the capture and delivery with each new story.

The following 8-minute video case study produced with my former colleague Brian Krause, highlights the use of various visual storytelling techniques at Centrify to accelerate learning in channel enablement. We used the identical method for training direct sales teams at new hire and in ongoing field training.

HubSpot Video

We developed a whiteboard story to capture our Zero Trust story. This story encoded a best practices "Challenger" engagement script, diagnostic questions, objection handling, a customer "Who-we've-helped" story and consequences of not changing. In the workshop, we innovated on the ways of roleplaying the story using a whiteboard story with a script, a whiteboard animation and a visual confection.

In the 1-hour workshop, channel sales reps drew, read, observed, role-played and were actively immersed in the story for 10 repetitions.

We have run training workshops with 25 partners in the past 4 months and the deal registrations on the back of the training have set new records.