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This article why-marketers-must-lead-in-making-content-findable was published on Inbound.org today.

Finding, using and reusing sales, marketing and technical information resources should be simple and quick.

But isn’t in most companies.

64% of enterprise search practitioners in Findwise 2014 Survey believe information is hard to find. In Findwise 2013 survey, 79% believe that finding the right information is critical to business success. 


Why Taxonomy?

For paper documents, we have filing cabinets with folders to organize those documents so we can find them.  Taxonomy is like a much more powerful version of filing cabinets and labeled folders for digital content. 

Without taxonomy, classification and the ability to find digital information are problematic. 

Read the complete article on Inbound.org


If you find the article of interest, I'm fairly confident you will love this article, entitled Tagging is Broken. This article refers more to personal organization and use of information, vs an organization wide taxonomy.


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