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Visual Storytelling is part 3 of the Your PowerPoint Sucks Webinar Series.

Part 1 of the series Visual Perception outlines why images are so essential to communication and for your ideas and story to be recalled. 

Part 2. of the series, Basic Storytelling discusses the elements of story and how engaging emotions and adding  contrast are what makes a story memorable.

It runs for 9 minutes and features a one minute animation created in GoAnimate right below.

The animation tells a simple story about the importance of story in communicating ideas... and illustrates the power of a simple hand drawn animation in conveying a powerful lesson.

Contrary to popular belief, salespeople do not conjure up stories and visual stories on the fly.


Stories and visual stories require scripting and must be created in advance and they must be be practiced. Many companies struggle trying to convert product pitches into stories and as a result their stories suck - only worse than their PowerPoint. Watching a salespeoperson do a bad job of visual storytelling on paper or a whiteboard is just as bad as sitting through a bad PowerPoint.

Product driven whiteboard stories and product focused visual stories are boring and buyers check-out... wouldn't you?  

You cannot magically turn a crappy product-based PowerPoint presentation into a story or an animation. It starts with the buyer and truly understanding their world and what they care about. Only by orienting your story around the buyer, will your story resonate.

Boring PowerPoint Sucks - learn Visual Storytelling