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This HubSpot Review marks our third anniversary as a user of the HubSpot system for Inbound Marketing.

We had a record year last year, which we attribute to increasing inbound traffic more than 50% and doubling our average visit lead conversion rate. Our ROI on HubSpot license fees last year in terms of revenue directly attributable to our inbound marketing activity is more than 60:1

HubSpot Highlights

A lot of very positive stuff happened at HubSpot over the past year including;
  • acquisition of Performable for behaviour-driven marketing communication
  • acquisition of specialist social media company @oneforty 
  • another successful funding round raising $32M from tier 1 VC firms including Sequoia, Google Ventures, Salesforce.com, 
  • massive growth of new name customers, now numbering more than 6000
  • more than 600 channels partners
  • expanded employees to more 300
  • the product has come on in leaps and bounds in speed, usability and quality. 
  • launched Marketing Grader - a great tool for engaging prospects

Advanced Marketing Concepts Year 3 Highlights

We relocated to the US in late 2010 and our consulting business has generated very significant new business in the past year. We attribute this growth to three main factors (i.) relocation to the Bay Area of San Francisco, (ii) our partnership with WhiteboardSelling and (iii.) inbound leads from our HubSpot Inbound Marketing system that converted into customers.
  • In 2012 we generated 466 Inbound Leads, a 250% increase in leads over 2011
  • A record number of customer engagements, leading to a record revenue year.
  • An ROI of more than 60:1 on our HubSpot subscription for engagements directly resulting from HubSpot Inbound leads

hubspot 3 yr traffic  resized 600 

What we Learned

Last year we continued to follow the HubSpot methodology and here's what we learned.
  • We reworked all of our landing pages and increased our minimum conversion rate to 20% on our high volume landing pages.
  • We made it easier for visitors to convert by reducing the number of fields on the conversion form.
  • We tried the Zerys blogging service but it quickly became obvious that strong domain expertise in selling and messaging was required to create content that people would want to link to and comment on, and could not be outsourced.
  • Organic search traffic and social media traffic increased by 50%, driven mainly by blogging.
  • Blogging frequency is directly linked to our monthly inbound traffic volume and our inbound leads. You will note in the last couple of months of 2011 when we got really busy with WhiteboardSelling development and training our blogging frequency declined and our traffic dropped off as a result.


We are excited to enter our fourth year with HubSpot. As a small business owner, HubSpot does everything we need it to do and it keeps getting better.

We recommend HubSpot for our clients and implement HubSpot in partnership with Kuno Creative.
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