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Early adopters of new technology are prepared to accept more risk when buying technology than the majority of buyers.

Getting across the Chasm and selling your cool technology/ SaaS software /solution into the early majority mainstream market and consequent massive uptake of your innovation has eluded all but a small percentage of aspiring entrepreneurs.

The following Flash videos are a 2 part series and run about 7 minutes each.

Part 1. The Four Buying Cultures.

This video introduces the four buying cultures and how they map onto the Technology Adoption Lifecycle. Will be of interest to sales and marketing professionals selling B2B technology solutions.

Part 2. The IMPACT Cycle and Engaging Early Adopters

This video has been edited to run in 7 minutes and introduces the universal buying process, I-M-P-A-C-T and maps the four buying cultures onto the engagement points in the IMPACT cycle. Of particular importance for sales teams selling to early adopters is value creation selling, where the sales team engages very early in the IMPACT Cycle.

This video illustrates the need for Inbound Marketing and why Lead Nurturing is so important for early stage technology companies. Also asks questions about your sales and marketing value chain....does it match the way your customers want to buy your products?


Killer Whitepaper - 22 page
summary of key points in book.

Killer Products

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 whiteboardselling  Inbound Marketing

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Using a Whiteboard to get your Killer Product across the Chasm download - download the script and the whiteboard presentation