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A few things that might be of interest.

It's the official start to Barbecue season here in California with the Memorial Day holiday weekend. Much has happened over the past 8 months since arriving in the US; including buying and renovating a house and settling in Pebble Beach and working as an affiliate with WhiteboardSelling.

The photograph is of the beautiful Shore Course at Monterey Peninsula Country Club in Pebble Beach.


I'm enjoying consulting work with HubSpot on Inbound Marketing and with WhiteboardSelling on some really interesting Whiteboard story development and enablement projects as an affiliate.

It's great to be back in California!

I thought I would include a couple of links of a general nature vs. technology sales and marketing as well as a couple of links to Blog posts that could be of interest.

Films worth Seeing:

Cave of Forgotten Dreams, a documentary by Werner Herzog, coming to select 3-D cinemas this Summer.cave of forgotten dreams


The paintings in the Chauvet Cave in the South of France are about 32,000 years old and beautifully preserved. This film raises profound questions about our civilisation and our culture; awesome and a must see. The artists that drew these didn't show up with a box of charcoals and a paint-set and start drawing. There must have been a culture that created art as a form of visual storytelling that pre-dates these paintings.

Journey to Planet Earth, a documentary narrated by Matt journey to planet earthDamon, featuring Lester Brown, author of Plan B "Mobilising to Save Civilisation." In this PBS documentary, Lester Brown addresses the 5 biggest problems confronting the future of our civilisation; desertification, water, poverty, global warming and food. Deeply thought provoking.


We have been certified as WhiteboardSelling Affiliates and have worked as part of the WhiteboardSelling team on three exciting Whiteboard Symposia, one of which involved training 3200 people to sell differently in four hours. We have developed six different Whiteboards for WhiteboardSelling clients and thoroughly enjoyed each engagement.

We have developed a partnership with fellow HubSpot certified partner KunoCreative in the graphical design and implementation of websites hosted on the HubSpot CMS. Here is a sample of our combined efforts, new HubSpot customer and business analytics company www.saama.com that went live this week.

Recent popular Blog posts

Whiteboarding ELearning Survey

I'm researching the development of a new ELearning program to help companies and individuals who want to improve their ability to communicate with prospective clients and customers using Whiteboards.

This program will incorporate new material and re-use some advanced communication and language elements from my Selling in the Internet Age curriculum.

Using Lean Start-up methodology, I need feedback from you in whiteboard survey"Pre-Customer Discovery" mode to understand if there is a market for this type of offering and what an initial minimum offering would look like. If you are interested, please click on the whiteboard or the following link and take the 5 minutes to complete this 10 question survey. In return for your valuable time in completing the survey, we will send you a summary of the responses.